The project "Creating Captivating Teaching strategies for vulnerable learners" (THINK TANK) addresses the methodological issue of creating and using adapted educational games for vulnerable groups. It recognizes that adults learn by making sense of their personal experiences and that reflection can change or transform meaning perspectives and schemes.

The general aim of the project is to explore the various training techniques based on playful activities that can empower learners belonging to vulnerable groups (unskilled, aged, migrants, physically impaired, low income, etc.) to develop social competences and practical skills, increasing their motivation to learn and countering feelings of resignation and apathy.

At the same time the project acknowledges the necessity of:

- providing trainers with adequate educational tools in order to stimulate a sense of belonging to a community as active citizens amongst their learners.

- re-motivate trainers and attribute value to their work by using efficient and gratifying pedagogical practices. 

- reassessing the virtues of so-called outdated teaching methods such as role plays, photo language and educational games. Also Mind mapping, simulation games, role play, problem solving, empathy development, strategy puzzles, social awareness games, story games, etc.

- adapting educational strategies that have proved efficient in the past to new environments and conditions in several difficult contexts (stress, conflict, workload, etc.)

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